Tumblr Climbs Aboard the Censorship Wagon

Remember when Google tried to censor adult content on their Blogger platform – before performing an embarrassing climbdown 48 hours later – and we posited that Tumblr may well become the naked funtime platform of choice? Yeah well, scrap that because Tumblr are now in the business of censorship.

As a Tumblr post from Lady Amalthea’s page explains, Tumblr’s censorship has begun with ExtraLunchMoney and MyFreeCams, two of the web’s more popular camming sites.

Tumblr Climbs Aboard the Censorship Wagon

While a good portion of sites are still free to be linked to directly, the omens are not looking good. Tumblr appears to have taken themselves down the slippery slope of censorship. Bacchus, author of ErosBlog and keen compiler of the Pornocalypse, tested out Tumblr’s boundaries for himself. The results were inconsistent; “glitchy”, as Bacchus remarks. Bacchus’ conclusion speaks for itself. It’s another example of the big boys gunning down what they don’t like.

“My conclusion? If this is indeed a deliberate block of a set of blacklisted links, its implementation is glitchy, because the same link would sometimes post and sometimes fail to post for me. Its implementation is also glitchy across different post types and post actions. However, I don’t believe it’s completely random; there seem to be no reports of unpostable links outside this universe of sites used by camgirls and indy custom adult clips producers.

“I suspect that Tumblr does indeed have a blacklist of not-to-be-published links. There might be an automated process for adding sites to the blacklist, or there might be a training-and-supervision issue that has let ‘rogue employees’ add stinky adult sites to a list that was not intended for the restraint of adult publication. “

For the rest of us, it’s another kick in the privates. Keep fighting.

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