Alert: Do not read if you have not seen season 4 of Downton Abbey

If you’re a smart American like me, you’ve found a way to watch the new season of Downton Abbey as it aired in the UK. For some reason PBS won’t air the show at the same time and makes hardworking Americans wait a few months before they air it in the US. C’est la vie.

I’ve read a lot about this season before it aired and I was excited to see Shirley MacLaine and Paul Giamatti play Cora’s mother and brother but alas… eight episode and only mentions of their names. We now have to wait until Christmas day to see them in the annual Christmas special. I say again… cést la vie.

Downton Abbey

This season was intense! So much happened. So much didn’t happen. I’d like to start off by talking about Thomas. It’s looking like they pick up his story line every other season. In season one we find out he’s gay and having a torrid affair with a duke. Season two, nothing. Season three, he tries to start things with Jimmy but Jimmy is not gay and this is the early 20th century. Season four, Thomas is gone for a good two episodes. I really would love for them to explore his character more. Why does he do what he does? Is he exploring his sexuality in other clandestine ways? Come on, Julian Fellows, Thomas can be a much more compelling character.

Lady Edith. The ever put upon sister. We’ve really seen her character grow from annoying to very sympathetic but can’t this girl catch a break. She was left at the alter in last season and this season her new fellow has up and disappeared leaving her preggers thinking about an abortion. Lucky for her Aunt Rosamund is there to help her out and to whisk her away to Switzerland so they can work on their “French”. I’d really like to see some good happen to this girl. Now that I like her I want her to find Gregson and live happily ever after. One of these daughters has to live happily ever after. This family is turning out to be like the Kennedys. Just a long string of bad luck.

Anna: My poor Anna! Why have they done this to you? I was so shocked and appalled. That nasty Mr. Green, coming off so smooth and suave and then BAM! Rape city. It’s so sad to see how women had to suffer in silence lest they be blamed for the crime committed to them. I wish she had opened up to Bates as soon as she had the opportunity to. It was difficult to watch two character that find each other only to be ripped apart by a terrible acting committed by a third party. I’m happy Anna finally opened up to him a bit but did Bates have Mr. Green killed? If you look at this picture, Bates is nowhere to be found. Is he in jail? Do we have to wait till Christmas? I’m Jewish and Chanukah is upon us.

This isn’t even the half of it. There’s so much more to talk about. Come over to my estate for luncheon and we’ll discuss the whole lot of it. See you on Christmas, Downton.

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