Oh man you guys, this week was actually pretty awesome for my television addiction, well, except for the fact that Elementary didn’t air this week (thanks, holidays!). But the three shows that remained were pretty damn good and I’ll tell you why, then will reveal why actually this week was amazing for television (nothing to do with my current shows).

First, How I Met Your Mother. I’ve been disappointed with this show throughout it’s final season, but have been surprised by a few gems of episodes. This installment turned out to be one of them. In this episode, Marshall is stuck on a bus on his way to Farhampton and has to tell rhyming stories to Marvin to get the lil’ tyke to sleep (so basically the whole episode is in rhyme). The episode is split into three bedtime stories about different individual character arcs, including Ted going on an unsuccessful date with a professor, Robin consuming an entire wedding cake and a keg, and Barney sharing the story of how he became the Player King of New York. It was fun times, a rad vacation from the sludging narrative of the 72 hours before Robin and Barney’s wedding. And it’s ending was reminiscent of better times in the shows history; Marshall decides to walk the five remaining miles to Farhampton after the bus suffers a flat tire. Looking forward to that.

New Girl

New Girl was sweet, true to form of course. This week the gang celebrates Thanksgiving in the woods after Coach tells Nick he’s becoming a whipped boyfriend, therefore devoid of his former manhood. So, obviously, a hunter/gatherer Thanksgiving ensues. The highlight is when Jess eats a rotten fish and starts to trip balls all over the woods, a disaster that has all the characters having to reconcile. Nick and Jess’s relationship becomes even more tender, and Schmidt shows a little growth regarding the whole Cece thing (but we get to enjoy his camping failures before he gets to this point). The creators utilize the somewhat tired trope of a Thanksgiving celebrated in a hospital (family is what’s really important!), but the actors are wonderfully quirky and this particular Thanksgiving special feels fresher than others.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

I know I’ve been really negative about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. recently, but this week’s episode was actually pretty solid. First, let me commend Whedon on not making a big deal of May and Ward totally nailing each other. A couple of gags sufficed, but what could have been schlocky and obvious was avoided. Second, let me say kudos to whoever thought of the twist of the episode; in this installment, the gang rescues a supposed telekinetic lady from a town of folks who hate her for allegedly blowing up a nuclear power plant. Turns out, she’s haunted by an admirer who worked at the plant and is stuck between dimensions, making bad juju happen all around her. Weird pseudo-scientific explanation of telekinetic powers? I think so! In the end, it’s icy May who’s able to calm the tormented double dimension dude and convince him to leave the lady in peace. Finally, some well acted character development from a character who Whedon’s hidden behind one of his token super dark backstories. I was happy.

But oh man you guys, I’m obsessed with the American version of the show Wilfred. I’ve been watching it all week (thanks Elijah Wood and James Gann for letting me forget about Elementary). The show’s a twisted mystery with more filth than most shows on TV, and is completely addictive in the strangest way. Watch it, my Internet friends.

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