I’m sure you’re heard by now; they’re reviving Twin Peaks – due to air in 2016. Not sure how they’re going to get this series going again, I mean, it was great while it lasted and kinda fizzled out in the end, and for good reason. Once we knew who killed Laura, what else is there? Ask Desperate Housewives!

But this got me thinking, in this day and age, series don’t ‘die’ anymore. If anything, they’re hibernating, waiting for the right moment to be revived. We never thought it would happen, but Arrested Development came back. Yeah, the new season sucked balls but it happened. With the Internet, anything can happen. So listen up television people. Here’s our wish list of shows we’d like to see revived. KTHXBAI!


As if this wouldn’t be on the top of my list. I mean come on! One season and then nothing? Have they no respect for Joss Whedon at all? He created Buffy the Vampire Slayer ffs! Ok, ok, calm down Hani. There Serenity, yeah I know but it’s just not the same. This sci-fi-western needs to be on our TV boxes again.

Party Down

Party Down sizzled out with a mere two seasons but I’m still not sure why. It had an amazing cast, a bangin’ script and a premise that is hard not to watch. Out of work actors working as servers while waiting for their next ‘big’ gig? Gold! Bring it back!

Pushing Daisies

This show was so quirky I was quite sure it wouldn’t last and after only two seasons, I was right. That doesn’t mean that it wasn’t good. Just that perhaps the American audience isn’t quite ready for this kind of quirky just yet. But after an influx of other quirky shows from overseas (like Doctor Who), perhaps it is ready now?

Freaks and Geeks

Perhaps it was ahead of its time or something, but for just one season we identified with the school misfits that were the Freaks or Geeks at McKinley High. I for one would love to see what happened to them. So here’s hoping that this and all of the other shows on this list will once again see the light of day on our television!

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  1. When I saw the headline I thought to myself “Freaks and Geeks!”