We know that you’re a sexual adonis when it comes to pleasuring your woman but sometimes a few extra tips go a long way. If you feel lately your lady has been pulling back a little from her usual tigress self, perhaps it’s time to lay on the foreplay a little more.

I know that in the beginning of a new relationship merely the thought of my hot man could get me all wet and bothered but as the relationship progresses, I might need a little longer for the engine to heat up. One thing is for sure, here are some sure fire ways to fire her up:

foreplay tipsVaried pressure touching

There is something super sensual about touch and each woman likes to be touched differently. Some like it if you really get in there and knead her back, arms, legs and even her scalp – almost like giving a massage. Others like the touch to be feathery and light. Sometimes some areas have more nerve endings than others and can be more sensitive. Lightly drag your fingernails down her back and thighs.

But remember, you’re not kneading bread. Don’t grunt and groan or slap her around (unless she asks for it). This is sexy time, be sexy and sensual not clueless.

Don’t go straight for the boobs and vag!

I know for most men, us women don’t really have to try too much. Aim for the penis, I say, and all will be well. Unfortunately men seem to believe that this applies to women as well. So they aim for our two target spots: Boobs and Vagina.

I’m here to say, stop. It’s not that we don’t want you to head there, but we have lots of other turn-on spots. So take it easy and hold off aiming for the B&V. Try kissing her neck, playing with her earlobes, deep making out, suck her fingers, do some deep touching (read first point), grab her ass, play with her toes, skirt around her nipples but not touch it. She will be begging for it, I promise. Even when you do finally go down on her, hold off with the immediate fingering. Play around with her down there, it’s a very sensitive area. When you do finally get your fingers in her she will be wet and ready.

A little foreplay can go a long way. What other ways do you use to turn your woman on?

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