A lot can be said about a man through his underwear. Especially when you’re tugging down his pants to get to the special bits inside. If you think that girls don’t notice or don’t care, then you’re wrong. We might not give any indication that we notice, but we do. And yes, we’re judging you. We love a man in some yummy underwear. It’s so sexy, we just want to tear them off of you. To make sure that the former doesn’t happen (and the latter situation does), we’ve come up with a helpful guide of Underwear Do’s and Don’ts to make sure that you always look fine with your pants down.


Replace old Underwear

Please, oh please throw away ye old tattered underwear. I beg of you. Nothing is an unattractive as a man with holes in his pants! If it’s frayed, tattered, has holes or just plain saggy. Throw. It. Away. Generally it’s good to replace your underwear every year.

Wash your Underwear

Yeah, we know you don’t wash your underwear! Seriously, this isn’t your jeans, it needs to be washed more than once a month. Try washing them each time you wear them. Wow! Surprised? Yes, I mean it.

man pants
Wrong. Just… very, very wrong!

Wear something that fits

Like software, underwear needs to be updated too. Just because it fit in college, doesn’t mean that it still fits. Please buy something that fits. And no it doesn’t make it look bigger if it’s tighter. Rule of thumb, if it cuts into your skin, it’s too tight.

Splurge on good underwear

Let’s be honest, it’s not like you’re gonna be shopping for underwear like us girls like to shop for lingerie. At most you’ll be buying around 10 pairs a year. Getting good quality, well fit and decent underwear is definitely worth it. And while you’re at it, try going beyond Calvin Kleins. There are other brands out there you know.


Wear boxers for everything

After a certain age, it is not cool to wear boxers no matter how chilled out/cool you think it makes you look. How about boxer briefs instead? They’re sexy, neat and they don’t bunch up under your trousers.

Have only one pair

Come on dude. You need more than 3 pairs of underwear! Try one for each day of the week? And then add another few just in case. Just in case what? Just in case whatever!

So here’s the bottom line, your underwear should look so hot on you that we want to take it off of you!

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