‘Vacation Breasts’ Offer New Temporary Boob Jobs

I’m a dude and have no tits (yet, anyway), but I’d assume that getting breasts implants will always be a big commitment for a woman. Sure, Pamela Anderson has taken them in, out, and changed enough cup sizes to give us two full decades of enhanced tits with a very wide spectrum of results; but for most women the idea of a boob job is a big step. It’s surgery around a very delicate area, it’s expensive and, if overdone, it can end up looking fairly fake. Regardless of your preference, once you get them, it’ll take another (equally painful and costly) surgery to take them out if you’re not happy.

So what if women could actually test drive those new titties before making a choice?

A New York-based plastic surgeon named Dr. Norman Rowe is now known for developing the Instabreast, a quick method of temporary enhancement that uses a saline injection into the breast to simulate what implants would look like for 24 hours. After that time, the injected boobs return to their original size.

The non-invasive procedure takes between 15-20 minutes to perform, and it could either be used to sample what they’d look like after the actual surgery, or for someone who doesn’t necessarily want the implants but still chooses to impress with bigger tits for one special night.

Having said that, maybe a day can be quite a short time for those hard-earned bazongas. “Twenty-four hours is great,” Dr. Rowe told ABC News, “but it’s still just 24 hours.”

That’s why Rowe has laid out his plans for a new procedure he developed: Vacation Breasts!

Similar to the Instabreast (but also with an extra undisclosed additive, reportedly widely used for other medical purposes), this extended temporary injection will keep the larger boobs in full form for up to three weeks, making it perfect for a beach holiday, or simply to grasp a better feel for what they’ll be like without the Cinderella-esque restrictions of the 24 hours.

The new procedure is still in clearance talks with the Food and Drug Administration, but Rowe expects Vacation Breasts to be available by the time spring break rolls around in 2016. Risks appear to be low, but it still needs to be tested.

While the Instabreast has been in mild demand (it does cost $2,500 and they’ll be gone the next day), Rowe predicts the Vacation Breasts will be considerably more popular, and with the larger demand, it will likely get a little bit cheaper.

Additionally, he expects this procedure to not only be limited to boob jobs. “It could be used for more than breasts,” Rowe told ABC News. “Men might want to use it for pec’ or calf implants.”

Beach holidays might soon be looking quite different for everybody.

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