Everyone knows porn is the early adopter of new technologies and mostly because mainstream channels were never available to them. The tech world should really thank the purveyors of porn for driving mass consumer adoption but they don’t. Even in today’s brave new world, they’re still left out of the reindeer games app stores.


On Wednesday, literally the world anxiously awaited the price and general availability of Oculus Rift. At $600, sticker shock rang across Twitter but, according to Oculus founder, Palmer Luckey, they don’t make any money on the Rift.

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Thanks to the annual nerd fest in Las Vegas, the Consumer Electronics Show, everyone is buzzing about virtual reality. No longer a far off Syfy dream, it’s here and this time it’s different. For those of you who don’t remember, the early days of VR didn’t go so well.

Interestingly enough, VR Porn has been making huge head-way (see what we did there) into this exciting new world for more than a year now and people are really into it. It’s 2016, stop pretending that you don’t watch porn. And anyway, virtual reality was made for this so gear up and get your game face on because this is gonna be good.

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