Apparently seeing is believing, but what about feeling and believing? Why do we only have to use our eyes? There is much more to life than just a bit of eye candy.

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What I am about to tell you could be something that changes the way you live your life forever, or at least your “sex life” for the foreseeable future. I say this with no hyperbole, but it really could be the start of a new you. Whether you think your sex life is out of this world and your partner/s pleasure you to amazing heights, or you couldn’t give a shit about putting your thing anywhere near their thing, then that’s okay. Because Virtual Reality Sex can accommodate for all these preferences with ease. If anything, it can beat all these preferences, too! Interested? A little bit horny? Of course you are! Wait until the end though…

When it comes to our sex lives, everyone has different tastes; we all know that. There are possibly more flavors in the world of adult pleasure than there are stars in the Milky Way for gods sake! From my time in the adult industry I have discovered some rather strange fetishes, which I can appreciate working for some people, but also some that I never knew were my kind of thing, and now I indulge in them fully (I won’t go into detail). I am going to explain how some SexTech can be a great addition to your sex life and why you should try it at least once.

Now this is the point where you expect me to sell you something, or try really hard to persuade you that it is the best thing going. However I simply can’t do that. No amount of words or images could ever do justice to the experience of encoded VR porn combined with the teledildonic devices, but I can try my best to tease you a little. So what the hell is all this, you ask? Well, let me begin with the porn.

Gone are the days of magazines and DVDs. Encoded adult movies have emerged recently as the newest form of digital experience for porn users. In the simplest terms, it’s porn movies with an audio and video as always, but with an added bonus of a tactile data stream. This extra element of tactile data allows uniquely compatible, teledildonic devices to synchronize with the motion of the porn stars fucking away on-screen. These come in traditional 2D format, but also 3D POV format.

Body Landscapes / Carl Warner

VR porn is the 3D format. It takes porn one step further than what you may have experienced to date, immersing you directly into the action. VirtualRealPorn is by far the current leader in this department and they have developed Virtual Reality Films that connect with all the big headsets out there; Oculus Rift, Oculus DK2, Samsung Gear and even Google Cardboard. I recommend the Samsung VR Gear for the best combination of style, comfort, image quality and price. I still can’t get over how stupid you look wearing these things, however nothing else matters when you’re being pleasured like this!

In these adult movies it is extremely easy to loose all sense of spatial awareness, but not in a sickening way. Instead, it is your world and your choice to look anywhere you like. You can forget the place you once were, and embrace the place you want to be – within a split second. You can even focus on the bits that turn you on the most, and I mean really focus!

So why is this better than sex? How does the actual sex part happen?

Teledildonics are the key. These little beauties take traditional sex toys and catapult them forward into the world of 21st century smart technology. Everything is bloody smart in today’s world; our phones, cars, TVs, and even our beds! So now it’s the turn of the toys. I introduce KIIROO with Fleshlight, the leading company on the path to feeling and believing. Kiiroo, the award winning Dutch company from Amsterdam, have teamed up with Fleshlight, the #1 male sex toy in the world. They have developed couples’ toys that connect through video chat to mimic exact movements between lovers in real-time. The technology uses a touch-sensitive vibrator and an interactive masturbator to share movement and mimic real sex. The vibrator (apart from vibrating) has capacitive touch technology under the surface, which corresponds directly with the masturbator. The masturbator has Auto Thrust technology, which contracts rings one-by-one to mimic the penetration data of the vibrator onto the penis.

This technology can also be applied to encoded videos for solo play – in both 2D and 3D format – so that the user feels exactly what they see. As the penis in the movie goes in, the masturbator contracts down. As the penis goes out, the device contracts up. The same goes for the vibrator, which pulses as the penis goes in, and slows down as the penis goes out. This vibration targets and stimulates the G-spot thanks to the ergonomic curve.

This kind of experience goes beyond the screen and adds a third dimension to entertainment technology. It’s POV, 360 degree, real-time, pornographic touch, sent straight to your love parts.

Together with VirtualRealPorn, KIIROO and Fleshlight have taken a giant leap forward in adult entertainment. Now porn is effectively at level 4.0; rendering all magazines, VHS and DVDs useless (until they are encoded again, of course)!

Now that’s what I call smart sex.

As I mentioned before, my words cannot do this experience justice. If you are slightly horny by now, then great, me too! If not, then you simply have to open your eyes to the possibilities out there and dive in – head first (no pun intended)! There will definitely be something out there for you, as this is only the beginning of the SexTech revolution.

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Happy humping people!

By Alex T Legret
Creative Director at Kiiroo


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