The Internet has made our lives easier, and considering my interest in naked women hasn’t faded in all these years, I owe a lot to it. I have, like many people out there, grown accustomed to the accessibility and perks of being online.

Name a niche of the weirdest, most creative example of porn and you’ll likely find it uploaded somewhere. You’ll also find stuff that you didn’t know existed, some of it will blow your mind, some will turn your stomach, some will do both and you might find yourself confused about your life choices, while you try to rationalize why you decided to skip work again and are now covered in tissues and shame. But I’m not here to talk about my Tuesdays…

Sometimes I believe my inner tween would be very disappointed at how selective I’ve become when it comes to seeing naked ladies, and I’m sorry to say this, but most of us might be taking our porn for granted. Don’t get me wrong; I love the possibilities the Internet has opened for my masturbatory needs.

it's all there

Hell, I could take a break right now from writing this to, specifically, watch a clip of a couple of Japanese twins having a threesome with a standup comedian. Because I have dreams, too. Do you, the reader, need to know that? Probably not, but sharing it was the choice I made. The point is you can get the exact kink you want, and that is wonderful, until you realize how desensitized you’ve become.

See, I remember being 12 years old. There was no Internet then, at least not around me, and my pornographic options were significantly scarce. Sometimes a magazine would make its way into my hands, but video? Real life, breathing women with body parts that I didn’t have access to? No way. I remember staying up late watching terrible cable movies in the hopes of maybe seeing a pair of tits. And when that happened it was glorious, I didn’t care about the girl’s ethnicity, I didn’t care if her boobs were real, I’m not even sure I cared if she was really a woman! Tits were available for my visual enjoyment and I was too thankful to be picky about any of it.

We tend to not fully appreciate the wonders of Internet porn. We look at it, some of us have memberships, some do tube sites, but shouldn’t we always be amazed at the fact that all these primitive desires are fleshed out for us without even having to wait?

It comes down to Western culture. There are more options and we’re less and less satisfied with them, always looking for specifics and nitpicking through our whims. It’s a weird thing to admit, but capitalism has made a strong impact on my stroking choices. Am I proud of that? Not particularly, but I’m a grown man now, and I deal with that in the same way I’ve dealt with most of the moral dilemmas life has thrown at me during my adult years: With denial and some good ol’ amateur porn.

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