Weird Sex News: Caught On Camera Edition!

One of the key worries and complaints of the digital age is the proliferation of secret cameras, CCTV and all manner of weird gadgets designed to spy on you.

Perhaps then this Las Vegas couple might have done well to take a couple of minutes to think it over before deciding to have sex a 50 Shades Of Grey-themed exhibition that was held in a Vegas erotic museum.

The horny pair, obviously feeling more than a little comfortable with each other after viewing the displays, decided they couldn’t wait until they got home and decided to do it right there and then:

Well, sometimes the spirit just moves you, right?!

Police in Windsor, Ontario have arrested a woman suspected of streaming more than 50 live sex shows from her laptop in a public library.

Alexandria Morra, known as ‘lilsecrett’, was taken into police custody after turning herself in once news of her page-turning antics hit the international wires.

Facing one charge of committing an indecent act in a public place, Morra will face trial in April.

Meanwhile, over in China, one heavily soused woman decided to take the law into her own hands… by stripping naked and attacking police in a rather crazy and unique street brawl.

After being apprehended by traffic cops while driving home after an alcohol-laden dinner, Xiao Chen-Li decided the best course of action was to enact some full-frontal fighting.

Six arrests and an internet sensation later, you have to wonder just how bad the following morning’s hangover was.

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