Weird Sex News: Ebola, Flashing Google and Fleshlight Farce!


We read and watched on in horror throughout 2014 as an epidemic of the deadly Ebola virus swept through parts of Western Africa. Scientists, doctors and aid workers from all over the globe came together to try and put a stop to the growing death toll. As time goes on, authorities are having to announce new and more radical measures. The latest of these is from Liberia, whose government has urged survivors of the virus to not have sex – or at least use proper contraception – for three months after being given the all-clear.

The move comes after the death of a 44-year-old woman who is believed to have contracted Ebola from sexual contact. Liberia’s Deputy Health Minister Tolbert Nyenswah told NBC News that “Ebola survivors should consider correct and consistent use of condoms for all sexual acts beyond three months until more information is available.”


An Australian woman is waiting to appear in court after being arrested for flashing her breasts at Google’s Street View car. Karen Davis, 39, of South Australia, met the street car with headlights of her own as it drove through her neighborhood. Other people failed to see the funny side, and Ms Davis was soon reported and her magistrates’ appearance looms. Davis told the Adelaide Advertiser that she failed to see why she has been dealt with so heavy-handedly by the police.

“I understand the point of view of people who think it’s disgusting or whatever but at the same time it’s hilarious because they should be worried about other people other than me,” she said. “To an extent I understand what they’re saying and that it’s a half serious offense but on the other side, why have me in court when there are so many other offenses that people should be in court for? There was no child harmed in the making, my children don’t have to go to therapy because of it, I didn’t give any old man a heart attack — that I’m aware of.”

Ms Davis also told the newspaper she plans to do a topless skydive for her 40th birthday.


Over to the other side of the world and to South-West England, where police are hunting for a man who walked into a sex shop, tested out a Fleshlight and walked out without a word or without paying. The incident was caught on CCTV by staff at Simply Pleasure in Exeter, Devon. The suspect appears to walk into the shop, lower his trousers and do his thang before high-tailing it out of there.

According to The Mirror, the alleged incident took place at the end of January, but police have only gone public with their appeal this month. Quite what they make of this rather literal interpretation of the phrase try-before-you-buy is anybody’s guess.

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