Weird Sex News: Spotify Streams, The Oscars & Animal Stamps!

All of these algorithms our lives are subject to are bound to drift into matters of the flesh from time to time. Spotify are the latest big boys to collate all of our data into one nice, media-friendly bundle. In this instance, we now know the most popular songs users stream when either having, wanting to have or just thinking about sex.

The Number One choice for maximum billboard penetration? Surprisingly, it’s Intro by The xx, a English indie group. Coldplay, The 1975 and Disclosure also ranked high; a less predictable list than you would expect.

For love-themed playlists, John’s Legend’s All Of Me took top spot, while Donna Lewis’ mid-90s hit I Love You Always Forever took the Valentine’s Day playlist crown. What does it tell us? Mainly that insipid songs and bad taste still run the show when it comes to matters of heart and body. Oh well. Next!

Sunday night’s Oscars ceremony probably won’t have escaped your attention. While the usual cavalcade of Hollywood’s finest strutted their stuff on the red carpet and settled indoors for 189 hours of live backslapping, waiting backstage were one or two surprises.

Each Academy Award nominee received a goodie bag worth an astounding $125,000 each. Only, this year, the nominees got to take home a naughty little freebie: the Afterglow vibrator. It is the first and only sex aid to use light wave technology, and now they’ve invaded the mansions of the movie elite. Sure beats a stuffy old statue of some dude anyway.

Weird Sex News: Spotify Streams, The Oscars & Safe Tinder Sex
Afterglow: Coming to a theater near you soon?

The heady world of sex parties and orgies aren’t just about people losing control and becoming feral. It’s about mutual respect, understanding and pleasure. It’s something you learn from experience. To just go hog wild, unless the rules say so, would be isolate you immediately from any sex-based community.

For newcomers this trust and understand may take some time to cultivate, so praise be, they’ve made it a lot easier for us all. How have they done it? Why, animal stamps of course!

As reports have it, the following code is applied in some communities and parties:

• Dog: Open to be approached and touched.
• Cat: Ask before initiation.
• Bird: No direct contact unless stated.

It’s an intriguing method and system, allowing a blend of new, intermediate and experienced to enjoy whatsoever they want with more of an accord in place. It’s a dog’s life sometimes.

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