They say you can say a lot about a person through their search history, well what does it say about a whole State? Real Estate Site Estately took it upon themselves to analyze the search queries of the different States in America through Google Trends. Of course the results ranged from humorous to mildly disturbing to confirming your suspicions.

What Are Americans Searching For Online?

Surprisingly, Colorado was ahead of the curve (even more so than States like New York and California) in trends like the Paleo Diet and Crossfit. While the searches in Alabama just confirmed our suspicions with the top searches being God, Impeach Obama, Fox News and well… polka.

Oregon’s biggest searches are weirdly enough ‘Allah’ and ‘sex’. Which makes me believe that either there are a whole lot of sinning Muslims up there guiltily Googling their God or we need to go check on Oregon.

What Are Americans Searching For Online?

Rhode Island seems to be the party state, either that or a frat state with searches like Beer Pong and ‘How to roll a blunt’. What is happening there? Should we move there now? Disappointingly New York didn’t blow us away with their search results. Mostly people looked for ‘bail money’ and fur coats. Or perhaps if they could pay their bail money with their fur coats. They also searched about marrying their cousins and sniffing glue. Not sure if the two are related. The only thing that made sense about New York’s searches was their search for a hangover cure. Amen.

Probably the state with the most predictable results was California with searches that touched on health, celebrity, tech and vegetarianism. And finally we have Alaska. Poor Alaska, you seem like such a lonely state especially since you’re searching for Mail order brides, adult friend finder and bird watching. Hope things get better!

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