The office space is a tricky environment. Of course you want to be judged solely on your merits, but how we dress affect what people think of us. Smarter dressed people are viewed as more confident, flexible and successful. In the office, you want to be viewed as these things and not as someone who will never be a leader. So we’ve put together a list of things not to wear to the office, if you want to get ahead of the game. Disclaimer: This list applies to a regular office job, perhaps you’re a creative and you can be more flexible in your dressing. Still never a reason to wear number 3.


Chain Wallets

Are you 18 and is this 1998? There is no reason a grown assed man needs a chain wallet. Yeah, we get it, you were almost cool as a teenager, but you’re not anymore. And those things are so over, like your job if you don’t get rid of it.


Clip on tie

Son, if you can’t tie a tie yet, you need to learn ASAP. Once you get it, it’s the easiest thing in the world and it will up your game considerably.



No one looks good in a fedora. Not unless your name is Neal Caffrey and you work for the White Collar division on hit USA Network TV series. And even he stopped wearing it as much as he used to. Let me just do you a solid here, whomever you think you look like in a fedora, you don’t.



Excuse me? Are you seriously wearing sandals to work? I know they said casual Friday, but no one needs to see that.  And before you even begin, no, there are no ‘acceptable’ work sandals. There are shoes, and then there are more shoes. No sandals.


Square toed shoes

What in the world…. Please kindly read our guide on what not to wear for men. Unless your feet are shaped that way, in which case, we’re sorry, please carry on. Square-toed shoes are so ugly and unprofessional looking, I would fire you on the spot if I see them on you.

What NOT to Wear To the Office


I seriously don’t know why these shoes are still around. I don’t care how casual your office is, no you cannot wear crocs to work.




So if you find that you own any of the things mentioned above, or worse, wear them regularly, time to change my friend. Good luck and happy shopping!


The BaDoink Team 😉

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  1. Agree with Crocs. They should be banned altogether.