I really don’t understand why men don’t take their shoes more seriously. Granted there is a small (and growing) population that knows how to pick their shoes, and there is an even smaller obsessive group of sneaker and shoe geeks but, on the whole, men seem curiously unconcerned about their shoes.

Case in point, my own partner has a total of three pairs of shoes and two of them are cheap gym shoes. After ages of trying to get him to buy a nice pair of shoes, I finally got him to wear a new pair when I gave it to him as a Christmas gift.

So just to make it clear to all you men out there, women look at your shoes. And we do judge you by it. And the women who don’t are probably not worth sleeping with anyway (god I’m going to get so much flack for that).

So a little bit of shoe investment will go a long way. You don’t have to buy the store, but a good pair of casual shoes, gym shoes, loafers, boat shoes, boots and dress shoes. Not too much to ask for. I mean, women take so much time to get the perfect shoe for each outfit, why shouldn’t men?

flip flopsFlip Flops

Beach? Yes, please! Anywhere else? Either get a nice pair of sandals (no not those ugly hippie sandals!) to wear on the streets, or wear shoes!

Boat Shoes

Oh yes please! What used to be shoes for boring old men are so in right now. Wear them with your pants rolled up a little, or with short shorts. Men who wear this (below) show they have style and confidence enough to wear what used to be old-skool dad shoes.

Dress Shoes (top image)

Unless you’re dressed up, these look pretty pretentious, so I would steer clear of these shoes, unless you’re suiting up!

Suede Bootssuede boots

These are sexy when worn right. But on the whole, a win. Shows a man who is current and yet isn’t afraid of suede.


Now I’m not a sneaker expert but I know enough to know an ugly pair of sneakers. There are websites that can help with all the sneakers but even then I would take all of the reviews with a pinch of salt. A guy with a nice pair of sneakers shows that he is chilled and probably listens to good music too!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but if you keep to these guidelines you’ll be set for now. So good luck and let me know how other women react to your new stylishness.

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