Multiple orgasms, Yes! The first people to show in their studies that women were capable of having multiple orgasms were William Masters and Virginia Johnson, but that was back in the sixties. Revolutionary ideas just keep on going and so I wanted to share with you some new breakthroughs I came across as I was reading Dr. Eden Fromberg of SoHo OBGYN and Naomi Wolf’s most recent book, Vagina: A New Biography.

Next time you are offering a seat to your lady, make sure it’s the one and only, because the vagina, clitoris and anus aren’t resting just because the butt cheeks are. Pudendal nerves feed arousal tissues. And the beauty of sitting down is not just about relaxing anymore but also relieving anxiety and allowing arousal to become sexual. Apparently, a comfortable chair is all we need! But a glass of wine wouldn’t hurt, guys!

So far, researchers claim women have three erogenous zones: the clitoris, the G Spot, and the opening of the cervix. Some argue nipples belong on that list too. What can I say? Sex without having my nipples sucked just doesn’t feel the same so I think nipples should definitely be on the list!

Hey, guys, did you know that using your imagination in the bedroom heightens the woman’s creativity too? Everyone’s DNA is different and so is every woman, so it is not surprising to find out every woman’s nerve endings are distributed in her genitalia differently to anyone else’s. That means, there are no rules to obey when discovering a woman’s body. The more like Alice in Wonderland she feels, the more full of fantasy and nirvana the whole experience will be.  And we now have studies that confirm the circle. Not only do orgasms make us more confident, productive and creative, but they also work the other way around – we achieve more intensive orgasms when we are being creative.

I love wearing high heels but this one got me thinking. Some high-end shoe brands developed the arch in their high-heeled shoes to approximate the arch in a woman’s pelvis when she is having an orgasm. On one hand it brings you a warm, pleasant feeling while walking; on the other hand the heels create a contraction in the pelvic floor, and that ladies and gentlemen is a big problem because the pelvic floor then cannot contract further during orgasm. “An orgasm is usually like going from zero to 60,” explains Fromberg. “If you’re already at 55 [from wearing heels], you’re not going to have a full experience.”

It might be the time to get back to condoms. I know, not the best option for some, but still. Research has shown that any sort of hormonal contraception actually interacts with your psychological state of mind. Can you imagine your partner telling you they don’t want to have a child with you anymore just because she is off the pill?

Here is one of my favorite quotes from the book: “Women have the innate machinery programmed to have orgasms,” Fromberg explains. “But not everybody learns how to use that machinery well.”

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