Why can’t you be more normal? I’ve heard that many a time. You’ve probably heard it yourself. Society functions around a set of unwritten rules based on a concept of the correct way to do things. But what is normal? And who defines it? The longer I live, the more I am convinced that there’s really no such thing as normal. And if there were, I wouldn’t want to be it. People who criticise you for not being ‘normal’ probably snipe at you because they secretly envy your daring. That’s my theory anyway. They’re in denial about how much they hate their normal lives.

Why Can't You Be More Normal?

Kids, I’ve been on this earth for a few decades now. There are still a few things that surprise me. Not much. But we don’t enter into the private lives of others. Who knows what the ‘normal’ folk are doing behind closed doors? Probably the very type of activity that someone, somewhere, would deem odd, unacceptable or outrageous. We just don’t hear about it. And it’s likely that every single person says or does something that someone else wouldn’t consider ‘normal’.

Of course, there are some people who openly behave contrary to accepted norms. RuPaul’s done a lot to further the glorious cause of drag queens and bring it closer to the mainstream, though some people still think men should dress one way and women another on and off stage. But even if you think drag is perfectly fine and dandy, it can still be taken one stage further and cause a stir. There’s no better example than 2014 Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst. Man in a glamorous frock & makeup = drag queen. Not ‘normal’, but hardly a new concept. Man accessorizing frock and makeup with a beard = double take.

Why Can't You Be More Normal?

Who wants to be normal? To me, normal represents boring. The day I surrender to other people’s concept of how I should behave is the day I kick up my heels and die as an individual. What most people consider normal is a way of life that would bore me to tears. Normal is convention, dullness, tedium, and I want no part of it. I’m proud to be anything but normal. I celebrate it. And so should you. Leave the normality to those who lack the courage to break out. But maybe I’m being too harsh; the normal people are entitled to their normal lives and normal views. As long as they leave me well alone.

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