Why Fall is Better Than Summer

Summer’s gone, foliage tours are in full swing, pumpkins are goddamn everywhere, and there’s still some energy left in the collective complaining of having to go back to school. Fall has arisen from the ashes of summer, and this writer in particular is happier than ever. I’ve always valued fall over the other seasons, summer especially, and this autumn looks to be, and to an extent already is, of particularly high quality. From films to food crazes, folks should be readying themselves for some epic times; so nestle into that moose quilt, grab a mug of pumpkin ale, and fire up the Internet device, because I have a whole host of reasons why this fall is getting more awesome by each new leaf pile.

Fall/Winter Films

On October 10th, you have the limited release of Whiplash, featuring J.K. Simmons as a crazed bandleader, with Miles Teller thinking he’s hot shit on the drum kit. You’ve also got Dear White People, a super excellent-looking comedy set for October 17th, Chris Nolan/Matthew McConaughey’s Interstellar on November 7th, and Dumb and Dumber To on the 14th. Those, plus a lot more, with the first installment of Mockingjay and the final part of The Hobbit trilogy making for a sweet cinema season.

Pumpkins and Noodles?

Last year, the Ramen Burger appeared from the sensational brain of Keizo Shimamoto in New York, and now in 2014 it’s sweeping boutique restaurants and food festivals all over the delicious planet (check out the site about the original invention). Seriously, go to any pretty ok establishment in your city, and more and more chefs will be trying to hone their version of the brilliant recipe. That, and pumpkin products have achieved an all-new level of silly, so go to Dunkin’ Donuts and nosh if you haven’t already.


If you’re on the Internet, you’ve already salivated over the new iPhone. But this autumn will also see some other fun advances. The site Pocket Lint released a handy, detailed list of all the new smartphones coming out, the notable invention Google’s Project Ara, an easy-to-modify smartphone creation that will make 2015 the best year ever. Also, the Apple Watch is also a thing (winter is kinda like, autumn, right?). Don’t forget, Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS will arrive on October 3, and then a new Pokemon release November 21.

Why Fall is Better Than Summer

New and old TV

We’re all excited that New Girl and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have returned, and that Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory have us laughing once again, but have you heard about that new show about the Flash called… The Flash, debuting on October 7th? Barry Allen plays the Flash in a program CW might actually get away with. Oh, and there’s that new show about Lt., sorry, Commissioner James Gordon’s origin story on Fox that’s supposed to be ok. TV this fall’s not as strong as film, but we’ll manage just fine, especially if we can watch all this stuff on our bent-ass iPhones.

Are you convinced yet, snug Internet user? Beyond all the stuff that’s coming out this particular blizzard season, there’s still Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and that holiday where we play eugenics with mini trees, nearly light a bunch of socks on fire, and pay tribute to bearded Big Brother in a red winter track suit. Ladies may not be busting out of bikinis any longer, but I have noticed that sweaters are getting tighter, so there’s hope there. Basically, fall is inexorably better than summer, and brings with it every awesome thing imaginable. Have you tried pumpkin beer? You’ll know what I’m talking about.

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