Alrighty guys, have a seat, we’re going to have a little chat here. We’re going to talk about one of my favorite subjects – foreplay and why it matters to us women. I know that sometimes it can get confusing for men because some women seem to be as turned on as men are and can get it on at a moment’s notice. At other times it seems like they need a lot of foreplay just to get heated up.


Food analogy

So here’s the thing, women are like slow cookers – I’m sure you’ve heard – and if we do seem like we’re ready to go at a moment’s notice then that’s because we’ve been marinating and slowly cooking before meeting you. Usually in long term relationships when you’ve been living together and life happens, we don’t spend all that time thinking about how we want to tear your shirt off. So it’s at times like this that we especially need more foreplay to get going. It’s not that we don’t want to have sex with you; it’s just that we need a reminder of how it’s so good for us too.

Moment’s notice

Men can get it on literally at the drop of a hat. Touch your penis and, oh, ok, you’re ready to go. And men (falsely) believe that us women are the same. No. You can’t get us in the mood by honking our boobs and giving us the look. We’re just going to roll our eyes at you and feign a headache.


Warming up the engine

Not rushing through foreplay gives us a chance to warm up our engines, and when we’re all warmed up it’s easier for us to reach orgasm. A truly warmed up lady will not only be able to have multiple orgasms, she might even be able to squirt. Now, I say this with caution, as not all women are built the same, but if your lady has the disposition to squirt, then you’ll need to spend a good amount of time warming her up.


Foreplay also allows women to get properly aroused, for the clitoris to engorge and the vagina to release its juices. A well-lubricated vagina allows for pain-free penetration and happiness all around.


Fun for all

Now we don’t want a “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am!” situation. The thing is, penetration is great, we love it, but it is all the better when we’re fully aroused through foreplay. We feel things more. So if she’s truly aroused, perhaps she’s had a few orgasms already and if you happen to cum within a few minutes of penetration, you both still win!

So it pays to spend a few minutes on foreplay before heading to the actual act of fucking. How long should you spend? Well even as little as 15 minutes of proper, unrushed, foreplay is good to get her going. So start brushing up on your foreplay techniques men!


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