Woman Claims Kurt Cobain Is Living Inside Her

With the release of Montage Of Heck and the marking of the 21st anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death, the former Nirvana frontman’s stock is higher than it has ever been for the past few years.

After we published an article on the legacy of Cobain, we discovered Rose Phoenix-Cobain, who claims that the souls of Kurt Cobain and River Phoenix are living inside her along with her own. Her story was already out there and we were tweeted by Rose, who told us “I read your article on Kurt and you are mistaken… he didn’t kill himself. He left me a ton of lyrics that prove this. Email me.

… and that’s exactly what we did.

Did you ever meet or speak to Kurt when he was alive?

No. But he wrote tons of songs to me that are conversational. He knew he was in line to be murdered by Courtney and he was saying his goodbyes. The main songs are Radio Friendly Unit Shifter and You Know You’re Right where he relays “I love you for what I’m not. I do not want what I’ve got.” He meant everything. The fame, the money, the marriage with Courtney — the baby. He speaks of this in greater detail in You Know You’re Right where he relays — “No thought was put into this, I always knew it would come to this.” The marriage and divorce.

He also lets me know that he planned on being there for me [in You Know You’re Right] by saying: “I will move away from here. You won’t be afraid of fear.” That’s directed to me. The whole song is directed to me. Then he ends Radio Friendly Unit Shifter by giving me advice — “Hate your enemies, save your friend, find your place, speak the truth.” That’s to me as well.

You say that the souls of River Phoenix and Kurt Cobain live inside of you. What does it feel like when that moment occurs?

I can tell when they get bored with the situation and restless. We don’t want to be alive much longer like this. I can’t live with just Kurt’s soul. I need his body too.

You believe that Courtney Love is responsible for Kurt’s death, is that correct?

Yes. Kurt wrote me several notations in his songs that prove this. Mainly in Dumb where he says; “Skin the sun, fall asleep, wish away, the soul is cheap, lesson learned, wish me luck, soothe the burn, wake me up.” And a few notations off of Hole’s Live Through This album where he says to Courtney “I will awake your highness, I am so HIGH I CANNOT WALK, I will awake.”

One of the other passages of lyrics he left me on Live Through This is particularly damning to her. He relays to me: “Hold YOU close like we both just DIED, my ever pressing SUICIDE, my stupid FUCK my blushing BRIDE, TEAR MY HEART OUT TEAR MY HEART OUT.”

Kurt knew he was going to be framed — a murder to look like suicide.

What are your feelings on Montage Of Heck?

I hate it. It’s a lie. The director paints it to look like they were a happy couple. They weren’t. Kurt hated Courtney from day one. But she got pregnant and roped him into marriage and the rest is history.

What would you say to people who may not believe you?

Read Kurt’s lyrics. They are all directed to me. He truly loved me madly and worshipped me. But he made one crucial mistake and it cost him his life. Now we both remain suffering together without his body to hold onto.

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