An apparently heavily medicated Angelina Jolie lookalike from Romania forced a cab driver to perform oral sex on her twice while she kept a knife to his throat. When the driver couldn’t muster a third performance she stabbed him a dozen times. The driver managed to escape the sex-crazed woman only after he barricaded himself in her bedroom and called the police.

Luminita Perijoc
Luminita Perijoc

Luminita Perijoc, a stunning 31 year-old from the city of Tulcea, first met Nicolae Stan, 35, back in 2012 when he was hired to deliver shopping bags to Perijoc’s house. She asked for his phone number so she could call to ask him for other services in the future. Poor Stan didn’t know exactly what she meant by “other services.”

Her second call came later the same day. This time she asked him to pick up some bottles of wine and deliver them to her apartment. When the “postman rang twice” Perijoc immediately demanded sex, but Stan, a married father of three, refused.

The beauty with an appetite for coitus produced a knife and forced Stan to undress and go down on her, twice. The driver didn’t beat around the bush when she demanded a third round of servicing. Stan refused, and while being stabbed a dozen times he managed to escape into Perijoc’s bedroom where he barricaded the door and called the cops.

Police have confirmed that they indeed rescued him from the flat of a half-naked woman and that he exhibited multiple stab wounds.

Woman Forces Cabbie To Give Oral Sex

A court sentenced Perijoc to five years in jail for her escapades, but an appeal court has now reduced the sentence to four years suspended. Her lawyer argued that Perijoc had been heavily medicated on painkillers following surgery.

Stan was more than upset after the new verdict was read out in court: “It’s terrible. I am now a local celebrity. Everyone is talking about me.”

“They don’t understand why I refused her, but they don’t know what it’s like to have a mad woman yelling at you at knifepoint.”

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