Woman Uses Power Tool on Her Vagina on Live TV

Although a lot of videos in the adult industry are promoted with that promise, most women don’t really get “drilled” by a “power tool” until sparks come flying out of their crotch like a magic squirting fountain of light.

In fact, if I said that’s what’s happening in a video I’m pitching, you’d be wise to assume there’s a lot of hyperbole in my description.

Now, what if I told you every bit of that description was correct, and it didn’t occur in porn, but during a live news broadcast?

For all of you fellow lovers of public awkwardness, this actually happened last St. Patrick’s Day on Chicago’s WGN News, bringing a well-packed minute of a healthy distribution of awe and discomfort from plenty of people involved.

During a nice St. Patrick’s Day early-morning broadcast, the merry crew of WGN News were keeping it fun for the green-wearing kids, and talking to the performers of this wholesome 7 AM celebration. Nothing could lift this lovely party better than a short circus performance that would also involve sparks and shiny things in the air. What’s not kid-friendly there?

Well, a performance artist, professional dominatrix (and new personal hero) named Shana Vaughan-Gabor, who is also known by the oddly accurate stage name Pussysparks, did exactly that.

In a scene that looks like someone is taking some pretty extreme measures to get a chastity belt off, Pussysparks wowed, scared, excited, creeped out, turned on, turned off and made a few WGN employees fear for their jobs, as she placed herself upside down on a chair with her legs spread wide open as sparks would fly out of her vagina like a bright spectacular squirt that should make her a priced show commodity once the 4th of July comes around.

Vaughan-Gabor is a performer with the Chicago burlesque group Cirque de la Femme, something reporter Pat Tomasulo knew before the interview, which makes a little more puzzling the choice of Pussysparks as your morning children entertainment.

Also, you simply can not put a price on being able to hear a reporter during a live broadcast say, “Hey kids, what did you guys think of the lady shootings sparks out of her mid-section? Was that fun?”

The children suggested “creepy” and “stinky”, but that may just be an age thing. This woman is talented, kids; you’ll understand later on.

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