You Can Now Track How Often You Have Sex With Your iPhone

Some say it’s the rise of the machines that will accelerate mankind’s demise but with Apple’s latest feature on iOs9 it looks like it could well be the machines making you rise.

Apple announced at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) today that their upcoming platform – scheduled for release in Autumn – will include a health data app that will monitor how often, how and when you get down and dirty. The app will also include space for the user to log such details as whether protection was used in any given sexual encounter.

Consequently, the data and statistic fiends among you wil then be able to collate your sex lives into neat and colorful graphs to pore over when you’re laying back and enjoying that post-coital cigarette.

You Can Now Track How Often You Have Sex With Your iPhone

The sex tracking feature forms part of the broader health data app that will allow its users to try and track various data and patterns that surround the body, exercise and general fitness. Apple faced criticism recently for not including a tracker for menstruation, which a number of observers believed showed the ‘woman problem’ (i.e. a distinct lack of them) and the resulting demographic inequalities that envelope the big Silicon Valley players.

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