Zeiss VR One, Because Your Phone Needs A VR Face Case

So hands up who is waiting for Oculus Rift to hit the market? Yassss! The world (or maybe a small portion of the world, realistically) awaits this gift but, meanwhile, we can perhaps satisfy our craving with a version that fits on your smartphone. And at $99 they’re practically giving it away. Ok, they’re not, but it is definitely one of the cheapest versions out in the market right now.

I’m talking about Zeiss VR One, a head mounted viewer for virtual reality content that plays on your phone. You fit your phone onto a special tray that can be slotted on to the VR One. Currently it works with phones between 4.7 and 5.2 inches, meaning iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5, but not bigger phones like the iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note 4, or LG G3.

Zeiss VR One, Because Your Phone Needs A VR Face Case

Now you may remember Zeiss as a designer and manufacturer of lenses for cameras and while virtual reality might seem to be a far cry from cameras, it really isn’t. After all, this device requires really nailing the viewing distance and lenses so that it actually works and doesn’t hurt your eye. Not only that, Zeiss has been designing camera lenses for smartphones, the most recent being the Nokia Lumia line.

So while yeah the price is lower that others in the market, the price will ultimately be justified depending on whether or not devs build content for the VR One – because what’s a fancy VR device if you have no use for it right? Either way, we’ll find out if this is all worth it in December when it finally launches. I for one am definitely lining up for one, because, why not?

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