Blessed with a spectacular booty and impressive flexibility, this girl’s rising quickly in the adult industry. She’s got full lips, beautiful hazel eyes and perky 32B boobs.

Bella grew up in Miami and loves her hometown. Although she passes for Latina, she’s actually of Ukrainian descent. Her family’s Jewish, and she still likes to go to Temple.

Bella entered the adult industry at the age of 18 while still living in Miami, though once she came to Los Angeles, her first shoot was for BaDoink. She loves to have sex on camera because she gets to show she’s having the time of her life while also giving pleasure to many people.

She chose her stage name because she thinks danger is beautiful.

The most interesting sexual experience she’s had was going to the desert right outside of Las Vegas and having sex in the middle of nowhere. It was night time and they could see every star in the sky. In an another less appealing outdoor sex opportunity, she also had sex in the middle of the forest, during a bonfire; but she claims that one was mostly itchy.

Her secret fantasy is to have sex with a police officer who’s about to arrest her, but chooses to fuck her instead.

She likes both men and women, but has a preference for girls. When it comes to sex toys, though, the Hitachi is her undisputed number one.

Bella admits to being really greedy when she has sex and is mostly focused on her own pleasure. Having said that, she looks amazing doing it!

She claims muscles and pretty smiles melt her heart and warm her pussy. During sex, Bella’s turned on by passion and intense stares. She believes the key is not really in a particular thing you do, but how you do it.

Her mornings usually include putting hip hop or reggeaton on and start twerking by herself while getting ready.

If she weren’t doing porn, she thinks she’d probably be an international studies student, but considering how her career has started, school can hopefully wait a long time.

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