This hottie defines herself as the “Twerking Stoner Porn Princess.” She has long light brown hair, great curves and an awesome set of perky 34B tits.

Much to her chagrin, she grew up in Tampa, Florida, which she has described as “a small town where people talk a lot of shit.” Carmen was raised by her mom and mostly grew up with the same friends all her life. In high school, she used to play volleyball and did kickboxing. She also used to be a cheerleader, and is very flexible, a skill that has translated wonderfully into her new line of work.

Carmen joined the adult industry at the age of 19. She chose to do porn because she just likes to have sex; the camera just happens to be there. Her first scene was shot in Vegas and, to this day, she claims to have never had as big a nut busted on her face.

Carmen Caliente

She loves calling herself a porn star — admittedly a good title to have. She definitely has fun within the porn scene, and regularly has sex with some of her fellow porn stars off camera. “That’s the whole point of meeting each other,” she admits, “so you can have a nice group of safe sex.”

One of her biggest fantasies is to fuck a cop. She’s already had sex with a firefighter, so she would like a different hero flavor in uniform. She claims she probably just likes fucking authority.

Carmen Caliente

Carmen thinks her most interesting sexual experience might have been on a scene with Ryan Madison, in which they climbed up to the top of a windmill to fuck. The strangest place she’s had sex, though, is probably a tennis court’s bathroom.

Her turn ons include accents, green eyes, blue eyes, curly hair, good sense of humor, muscles and tattoos. Like many of her peers, she swears by the Hitachi Magic Wand. She prefers clitoral stimulation and it usually gets her off a lot faster.

Any average day for Carmen is basically all about porn and smoking an enormous amount of weed. When she’s not working, she also likes to longboard and go to the beach.

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