This sexy brunette may have become one of the best newcomers in the business in 2014, mostly on the strength of her intense and passionate scenes. She has long brown hair, cute freckles, a toned athletic body and a lovely pair of perky 32B tits.

Cassidy was born in California. She has lived there her whole life, and her personality goes really well with the relaxed Southern Cali vibe. She does, however, hate the traffic and potholes in Los Angeles, so she resides in Orange County.

Cassidy decided she wanted to get into porn because she’d always been a very sexual person and likes to be in front of a camera, showing people what she can do. Additionally, she has an extensive background in acting and theater, so she figured she could also put those skills to good use.

For her first few months in the industry, she went by the stage name Bridget Bond. She officially changed her porn name to Cassidy Klein in May 2014.

Cassidy likes to let some pubic hair grow whenever she can, though she’s happy to shave it for a scene if she gets to play with cute girls.

She likes to get her hair pulled and have her nipples being played with.

Cassidy masturbates every time she’s in the shower. Her shower head has different speeds, and she likes to take her time with it. She also likes to have as much sex as possible, and if she had a choice she would do it at least three times a day.

She always fantasized about having sex in a classroom or an office building, and fortunately in this line of work she’s definitely been able to make those fantasies come true.

Cassidy loves her job. She gets to go on a lot of shoots and has met a lot of cool people in the industry that she’s become quite friendly with, even off set. She often hangs out with her fellow porn stars.

She has some Cuban heritage and loves Cuban food. She’s also an avid marijuana smoker; one of her favorite things is to have a cute girl over, smoke weed and sit in each other’s faces.

Cassidy works out often and has very nicely toned legs and abs. She was a dancer for 16 years and loves doing yoga by her fireplace.

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