Unlike the majority of porn stars, Charlotte Davis is not in it for the money or the fame, but for the way her sexuality informs her artistic expression. Art is her day job and passion, but this hot brunette also loves doing porn.

Her hometown is Lutz, Florida, a small –yet rapidly growing– town just outside of Tampa. She really likes it because it’s quiet but close enough to the city.

She likes having sex on camera because she feels it helps her develop as a performance artist. Also, she’s an exhibitionist, and it really turns her on to know that people are watching her fuck.

She got her stage name by combining her ex-boyfriend’s last name with a name that made her think of something innocent. Charlotte was that.

Her first incursions in porn were actually fetish scenes. First there was some ball busting, and then she played a crazy psychotic modern dancer that had to be tamed. She has a background in modern dance, so that was perfect for her.


Charlotte loves to play with her clit while being fucked, and it’s fairly easy for her to reach orgasm. Her biggest turn ons are getting her tits sucked and bitten and having her ass spanked while being fucked from behind.

In her personal life, the most amazing place she ever had sex was up in a mountain, out in the open.

Her secret fantasy is to be with two guys at once.

The most bizarre thing she’s ever been asked during sex was if she was interested in vampires, and if the guy could suck her blood off.

If she could have sex with any celebrity, it’d probably be Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, because she loves his music. Her favorite mainstream band is Led Zeppelin, but her preferred style of music is minimalist classical, and she’s a huge fan of composer Arvo Part.

She loves Indian food and, although she doesn’t watch much TV, she’s a fan of comedies and currently she’s into Parks and Recreation.

In a normal day in her life, she’s basically at her art studio all day. She likes working with porcelain, plaster and doing installations.

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