Chloe Love is a cute California girl who is truly not in the business for the fame, but for her love of sex. She has beautiful blue eyes, a long lean body and perky 34B tits.

She describes her home town as a small place with nothing much to do, just a couple of movie theaters and a couple of clubs. She seems to be much happier since she moved down to Los Angeles.

Chloe is an exhibitionist, and has always found having sex on camera really entertaining, so joining the adult industry was a fairly logical step. Her first scene was in 2012, and she recalls the guy not being very big, which made it easier for a first time, but less fun for a size queen like Chloe.


The strangest place she ever had sex on or off camera was on a bench, right behind a building; which wouldn’t sound too strange until we factor in that she was fucking her cousin’s boyfriend!

Chloe likes her nipples to be licked, sucked and a little bitten. She’s also very turned on when she gets spanked, or her hair is being pulled hard.

Her easiest way to reach orgasm is through G-spot stimulation. She likes deep penetration the most, although playing with her clit is also pretty effective.

Her biggest fantasy is to get fucked with strap-ons while having a threesome with two other girls.


If she could have sex with any celebrity it would be Leonardo DiCaprio. Chloe hasn’t fucked any famous people yet, but she would definitely kiss and tell if she did!

Her favorite sexual position is doggystyle. When it comes to sex toys, she’s cool with any vibrator, although acknowledges the Hitachi is a lot of fun and might be the one she likes the most.

Chloe likes country, pop, R&B and hip hop. She hangs out with her fellow porn stars often, and she finds the community to be really open and laid back.

At the end of the day, Chloe just tries to live her life to the fullest, “because you never know if tomorrow’s going to come, and yesterday’s over.”

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  1. such beautiful eyes, if your heart is anyway beautiful as your face your an angel a very gorgeous angel.