This gorgeous exotic babe (literally) popped her cherry on screen fairly recently, and has been conquering the industry since then. She has an incredible petite body, big brown eyes and a lovely pair of perky 32B tits.

Daisy is not your average porn star. She’s half Korean and half Russian, and speaks four languages: Korean, English, German and Russian. She goes back to visit Korea every year.

While she’s always been fascinated by sex, she actually saved her virginity to be taken in front of the camera. Initially, when she got into the industry, she was only webcamming. She was never doing hardcore shows, just talking to people and going topless. In August 2013, after almost a year of camming, she was scouted by AMA Worldwide, and flew to Florida two days later to start shooting. She lost her virginity on screen on August 31, 2013. She was very nervous, but once she got into it, she loved it. She’s very happy with it, and says she couldn’t have asked for a better situation.

Both her friends and family are very laid back and have been very supportive of her career. When she told her dad, he actually asked if she could introduce him to porn stars!


She doesn’t do relationships. She thinks they’re messy and not her kind of thing. She just wants to be friends with people, and if they happen to fuck, that’s cool. She likes being around people with depth, honesty, passion and curiosity. Also, being a stoner and/or a psychonaut is always a plus in her book. It’s hard to compete with her Hitachi, though! That’s her favorite sex toy.

Daisy doesn’t drink, and prefers to just smoke weed all day. She’s also an adrenaline junkie, and enjoys going to the shooting range, racing cars, surfing and snowboarding.

She’s been playing classical piano since she was 5 and has studied jazz, a talent not many people are aware of.

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