This gorgeous brunette is the epitome of the girl-next-door. She has the face of an angel, a great petite body, beautiful brown eyes and hair, and a pair of small yet perky 32A boobs.

Emily is originally from Utah. Her first job was at a fun center, which was kind of ironic, since she hated the job. She moved to Los Angeles when she turned 18, a decision that got her closer to two very important things in her life: porn… and the best weed in the world.

She got into the adult industry in the fall of 2013, through a friend of hers who was connected in the business. Dylan Snow, her boyfriend and also a porn actor, came up with her stage name.

Emily GreyEmily loves sex and is very open with her sexuality. She has mostly done solo shoots, although she also does boy/girl scenes with her boyfriend. She had her first anal sex scene (and anal experience in general) on February 2014.

She prefers photo shoots to videos, because she has stage fright. Having said that, you would never notice that fear by watching her videos!

Emily is double jointed in her legs, which means she can easily put them behind her head. She has beautiful freckles, although she’s not a fan of them. Her favorite part of her body is her hair. Regarding sex toys, she prefers vibrators that are not too strong.

Emily GreyEmily has a lot of hobbies; some of them people would expect, like playing lots of video games and skateboarding. Some others are more unusual; for instance, she collects rocks, a fact most of her fans are not aware of.

Emily is very much into smoking marijuana. She’s a self-pronounced cannabis connoisseur, and weed culture is a huge part of her life. She doesn’t drink alcohol, though, as her stomach is too sensitive for it (also, she’s not of legal drinking age yet!)

She tries to exercise everyday, but she usually fails at that (don’t worry, Emily, you’re not the only stoner this happens to!) Still, she tries to go on walks and do basic workout routines every other day.

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