This gorgeous Japanese babe is already one of the biggest Asian porn stars in the United States; well known for her extreme scenes, but also her girl-next-door looks. Marica has an amazing petite body, delicate features and a great set of perky 33D tits.

Marica started working as a mainstream actress in Japan right after high school, before getting interested in porn. Her first experience in the adult industry was at age 24, when she auditioned for the big Japanese company SOD.

She was a very successful adult actress back in Tokyo for four years, and became famous for her powerful scenes featuring double anal, triple penetration, bukkake, pissing, and some other activities that American obscenity laws wouldn’t allow her to do on this side of the world.

Marica came to the States in 2012, and quickly became a sought-after performer. In January 2013, she became the first Japanese person to be chosen as Penthouse Pet of the Month in the U.S.

As an international star, she’s had to adapt from the fragile, sweet and helpless girl that most Japanese porn actresses are expected to be, to the more sexy and aggressive approach that is more common in the United States. It’s been one of her biggest challenges as her worldly profile continues to grows.


She is very girly in her private life. She likes things that are pretty, cute and romantic, and the same goes for sex. But put a camera on her and that notion will be out the window immediately! She’s very much into bondage and wax play; loves deep-throating and being choked.

Marica is a self-described masochist, and all of her ex-boyfriends had been sadists, so S&M was always a completely normal approach to sex, and she didn’t know of any traditional or “regular” sexual activity before becoming a porn actress. It was always in an extreme way.

She knows very little English, but her roles don’t require much of it. Her performances have won over millions of people without language becoming an issue at any point.

Her favorite part of her body are her lips; she finds them chunky and sexy.

Marica is allegedly an accomplished writer and has received many literary awards, but you’re going to have to learn Japanese to check that out. She updates her blog and social media very often and likes to work hard on her brand.

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