This gorgeous Polish girl has been dubbed by some the new Sasha Grey. Her similar good looks, career driven focus and intense scenes are all good reasons for that comparison. She has perfectly delicate features, piercing blue eyes and a tight petite frame, highlighted by an amazing little ass and perky 32A tits.

Misha was born and raised in Warsaw, and actually had a very normal upbringing. Nice parents, traditional school life and good grades. Just a normal life; until porn, of course.

She started thinking about joining this business when she was 22. She did some research on the Internet and made the decision together with her boyfriend, who’s been very supportive of Misha’s career and is turned on by watching her do her scenes. She began her career in the adult industry in early 2013, while still in Europe. She simply wanted to be happy. She considered her family and the consequences, but as the go-getter she’s always been, it was ultimately too important for her to achieve her goals in life, and all the other stuff just had to be pushed aside.


Misha is a Russian male name. Growing up as a tomboy, she felt her personality was more masculine than feminine. She’s a strong person with a need for control. On the other hand, she’s also a girl and can be gentle and soft, and Misha does sound very petite and subtle enough to be a girl’s name. She wanted her name to be a mix of two powers: Men’s strength and women’s fragility. There’s no big reason for Cross; she just figured it sounded good together with Misha.

She had always been a fan of American porn, so coming over to the States simply had to happen at some point, and just a few months into her career she was already working on this side of the Atlantic.

Misha is kind of a perfectionist, and always tells her partner what she wants; a slap on her face or spank in her ass. She likes it rough and is not shy about requesting it, but mainly she always wants the video to turn out perfectly.

Anal sex is one of her favorite things.


She absolutely loves blowjobs, too. The moment she realized she could do it very, very deep, everything changed for her. She likes to do it as sloppy as possible; lots of spit and all the way down her throat. She likes men to come everywhere but actually prefers her face. She enjoys being covered in jizz.

Misha studied photography in school and is still very interested in it. In her spare time, she listens to music and hangs out with her friends. She loves art and is always trying to find time to do something creative and learn something new.

She’s always thinking about her future, too, and someday she’d like to start her own production company.


  1. Misha,
    Believe in Jesus Christ and you will be saved. You will go to heaven. It will be a place where you will find perfect happiness. A world free from sin and death. Please read the Bible. Start with the gospel of John.

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