This Slovakian cutie may not speak much English, but her angelic face and petite body can probably tell you more than you will ever need. She has amazing big blue eyes, long blond hair and a set of perfectly perky 32B boobs.

Naomi was 16 years old when she lost her virginity, back in Slovakia, but she didn’t enter the adult industry till 2012, at the age of 20, after she auditioned for a porn casting call with her boyfriend in the Czech Republic. She confessed that her main reason to do it — aside from loving sex and enjoying other people’s eyes on her — was simply because she had too much free time! Of course, the extra money and travels certainly didn’t hurt either.

While Naomi Nevena is her established stage name now, she has also used several others (depending on the scene and the company she was working with), including Veronika, Brandi, Lily and Serenity.

Naomi claims not to like really big dicks that much, since her vagina is pretty small and tight.


Her wildest sexual experience actually happened with another girl, while still in high school; and it was during class!

Naomi is definitely no stranger to odd places to fuck, as she also once had sex with her boyfriend in Prague, out in the snow in the middle of the winter; because sometimes Easter European girls can be just that much tougher. But although some of her stories might make her sound extreme, her dream scene would actually be a very sweet and tender one: With her boyfriend on the beach.

She is very turned on by the idea of watching her man sleeping, and softly waking him up by sucking his dick and having amazing morning sex with him.

Naomi’s life is pretty simple. She likes to chill at home with her cat, listen to music, read a book, and obviously have an enormous amount of sex. And it certainly looks like she’s found the right job to balance all of those things with ease.

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