Her braces and girly demeanor will make you question it, but trust us, she’s (barely) legal! Natalie might look very innocent, but her scenes will quickly prove otherwise. She’s got a nice petite body, big brown eyes, a nice little booty and a lovely set of perky 34B tits.

Natalie is of Puerto Rican and German descent, and grew up in Sarasota, Florida. Her parents had her when they were really young, and she had a lot of freedom growing up, which no doubt led to her experimenting more with sex by the time she turned 16. Don’t let her cute giggly image fool you; by her junior year, her number of sexual partners was up to 25.

She started in the adult industry at the tender age of 18, while she was still a senior in high school. She didn’t tell her parents nor her then boyfriend about it at the time, and just said she’d found lingerie-modeling gigs. She’s into sex and money ­­ both very valid reasons to pursue porn.

While she loves fucking, her favorite thing is to masturbate on camera. She likes to be in control of what she’s doing and her orgasms are much more intense. She masturbates every single day, and watches a lot of porn ­­ mostly boy/girl scenes. She actually thinks girls are more attractive than men, but prefers having sex with guys.



Her favorite position is doggystyle, although she usually orgasms much easier when she’s riding the guy and grinding her pelvis against him. It’s all about clit stimulation for her.

Natalie likes doing crazy and impulsive things, especially when it comes to sex. She once fucked a guy in a courthouse, in an empty room they found. She was wearing a skirt and just let the moment take over.

She loves being able to make a guy come, anywhere on her body; her face, her boobs and especially cream pies. She prefers large penises, so that she can feel them pushing inside the walls of her pussy. She says she loves the feeling of “being filled up.”

She claims that she won’t do anal in porn, and would like to save her anal virginity for marriage.

Natalie describes herself as a very social person. She likes going to the beach, hanging out with her friends, smoking weed and dancing to EDM.

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  1. 27 grape street.. Just want to say u r very sexy and would love to take u on a date..