This gorgeous petite girl simply loves the attention that having sex on camera gets her. She’s very tall and has a skinny frame, but a nice little ass, long legs and perky small boobs with great-looking pierced nipples.

Naveen grew up in a little tiny town of maybe 1000 people, in Oregon. It was in the woods, there was a lot of snow, and she lived in a log cabin! She describes herself as a little small town girl. She was a snowboard instructor back home.

Her first sexual experience was during school. She broke into a candy shack in the football field to suck this lucky guy’s dick. She claims that may be the most adrenaline pumping experience she ever had and loved feeling like a bad girl.

Her stage name involved some research! Naveen is an Indian name that means “new”. Ora represents her whole soul and perspective in life; so she wanted to reflect her newness to the adult industry and the beginning of a new chapter that way.


Naveen prefers clitoral stimulation, and would just take that all day if available. Her favorite sexual position is doggystyle. She’s really turned on by just kissing, touching and being close to somebody. Her turn offs include feet on her face and overly hairy dudes.

Her biggest sexual dream is being on a hike or riding dirt bikes, and going to the top of a mountain, enjoying a gorgeous view and letting all those horny feelings take over under the sunset. Pretty romantic, sure, but don’t let that fool you; Naveen can get dirty, and she enjoys the rough stuff as much as the slower one.

Everybody in her home town definitely know who she is and what she’s doing for a living. Still, the only time she’s been recognized somewhere else was on a plane, by a MILF, who showed Naveen a picture of her ass.

She claims to be “married to the game”. She has a money sign tattooed on her ring finger, to signify the fact that she can take care of herself and doesn’t need anybody to do that for her.

Naveen had done some modeling before doing porn; she’s done catalog work, and a lot of marijuana-related modeling, as she’s an avid weed smoker. She loves playing with her Playstation 4 all day long.

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  1. Hello babe. You are absolutely hot I love small breasts. 32 is perfect. No more than a mouthful is needed. Lol. You have a gorgeous ass.