This stunning bombshell and her Triple D’s are making waves since her recent porn debut. Her tall and fit frame, piercing green eyes and her massively awe-inspiring boobs make her look like a female super hero. So much, that she in fact played Lara Croft on her first BaDoink scene!

Peta grew up in Zephyrhills, a small town in Florida that she describes as “where all the old people come to retire.”

Before doing porn, she was a stripper. In 2014, at the age of 23, she was dancing at a club regularly and  a guy approached her and asked if she’d be interested in shooting porn. After a quick research, she was on a plane to L.A. and got started in the business. She originally started working under the name Scarlett Reid, but soon changed it to Peta Jensen and stuck with that one.

Peta likes to have sex on camera because it makes her feel naughty. She has said in several occasions that the best thing about her job is getting fucked all the time. She’s also very much into rough sex, and often has rape fantasies. She once let a guy fuck her while he held a knife to her neck.

She has an oral fixation and is particularly fond of giving sloppy blowjobs, which her co-stars seem to enjoy quite a bit.

Peta is all about dicks. She’s not into girls all that much, although she’ll have sex with a woman in the occasional threesome. “I’m very picky about my girls,” she specifies, “If they don’t have a nice pussy, I’m not into it.”

Her easiest way to reach orgasm is by using a double dildo on herself. She’s a fan of nice cocks, and is turned off by smelly balls.

Peta said having sex in the woods for her BaDoink scene might be the strangest place she’s ever been fucked in.

She doesn’t drive, but enjoys horseback riding. She owns two horses back in Florida.

Peta is planning to stay in the industry for quite a while. She wants to explore other on-screen fantasies, like anal and interracial, but she’s waiting a while to do those. After retiring from porn, she’d like to be a councilor for sex addicts, although to be fair, that’s going to be a monumental task of self-discipline for those poor recovering patients. On the bright side, if they can keep their hands off Peta, they’re cured.

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