This stunning busty East Coast girl has won everyone over with her bubbly personality and amazing body. She has an awe-inspiring set of double-D boobs, long dark hair and deep hazel eyes.

Romi grew up mostly in Dorchester and lived all around Massachusetts. Throughout school, she confesses to have been kind of a dork; she got detention all the time for goofing off in class. Sex wasn’t considered taboo in her household, and her mom even modeled for Hustler when she was younger. Romi was always very sexual, though she never really slept around too much. As soon as she turned 18, she moved to Los Angeles.

When she first got to California, she worked as a hostess at several restaurants. When she was 19, she started exotic dancing, and did it on-and-off for a couple of years. She danced under the name Rain, which is where her last name came from. She then got into nude modeling. The idea of doing porn had always been in the back of her mind and was very curious about it. She wanted to push her boundaries and satisfy her curiosity, so she started doing some girl/girl stuff on her webcam, as well as solo masturbation videos.

Romi_RainShe was 24 when she fully joined the adult industry and immediately wanted to put her all into it and make it a career. She prides herself on being a professional, and she also thoroughly enjoys getting off in the process. Romi tells people that she’s the happiest and healthiest that she’s been in her adult life. She takes vitamins everyday and hits the gym 5 days a week.

There’s almost nobody that she doesn’t want to work with and she’s very curious in that sense. She’s always anxious to get touched in new and exciting ways. She likes males and females, and sometimes both at the same time. A good attitude is the most attractive thing for her.

Her favorite sexual position is doggy-style, which she finds very intense and connected. She also enjoys some good old-fashioned missionary and can sometimes squirt in that position. Romi actually comes a lot more from penetration than clitoral stimulation. She’s not a big fan of toys like the Hitachi, finding them too strong. She thinks that’s why she really enjoys her job. She loves the clitoral orgasm but, in general, she can have multiples if she’s being fucked.

Romi has five tattoos, and almost her entire back is covered.

She has worked for Playboy and did a few of their parties. She also posed for Hustler Magazine in the February 2013 issue.

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  1. very very cute and pretty girl