This gorgeous blonde could easily be just a glamour model, but thankfully she loves fucking on camera too much to give it up. She’s tall, has long blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, great curves and a perfect pair of 32C boobs.


Samantha was born and raised in Las Vegas, where she still resides. She loves the dry heat and going to the lake during the summer. Growing up, she was always more attracted to girls than boys, and even dated girls before she went out with any guys. Her curiosity for straight sex actually came from porn, which she’d watch when she was 16 and wondered if she’d like it as much as lesbian sex.

About two weeks after she turned 18, she had decided she wanted to be an adult performer. She was a stripper then, and she had met her share of feature dancers who were making good money in the industry. She contacted a company that had the motto, “where pretty girls come to swallow cum”, and she was sure that was definitely for her.


She chose the stage name Samantha because that was the name of a girl she knew while growing up that represented her idea of sexual beauty.

Samantha loves being a porn star. At first the money was the main motivation, but after a while she started to take pride in her work. Being a starlet represents a constant ego boost that makes her feel beautiful.

Samantha masturbates a lot. She can just spend all day with her Hitachi and be absolutely blissful. Her favorite sexual positions are doggystyle and reverse cowgirl, simply because she feels more in control and she likes it when her partner can see her ass. If someone can handle her, take the initiative and actually dominate her, she’s more than happy to let them.

Her favorite adult film category is glam rope bondage, which she was introduced to in early 2014.

She likes to work out; she runs about 6-7 miles a day whenever she’s home in Vegas. She also enjoys rock climbing, singing and dancing.

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