This smoking blonde is perhaps best known for being the cover girl for Hustler Magazine’s 40th Anniversary edition, an honor that quickly put her at the forefront of the adult industry. She has piercing blue eyes, a nice curvy body and perfect natural C cups.

In high school, Scarlet was the girl that was friends with everybody, becoming homecoming queen in her last two years. She’s quick to note, though, that her popularity was more “girl next door” than “mean girl.”

Surprisingly, she wasn’t a porn fan before getting into the business; she doesn’t necessarily know why. Perhaps she was full of innocence when younger, but she managed to outgrow that with ease in 2013, when she entered the adult industry, at the age of 21.


She chose her stage name because whenever she orgasms, her cheeks and chest turn bright red. Scarlet Red seemed appropriate.

Her favorite sexual position is doggystyle. She loves getting her ass spanked and swears by how amazing it looks on camera, not to mention the deep penetration factor. It’s the easiest position for her to reach orgasm.

Scarlet is very adventurous, so she’s constantly trying new sex toys, but her favorite is the classic Hitachi Magic Wand.

She gets turned on by feathers and tickling sensations all over her body.


Her favorite female performers in porn are Jessa Rhodes and Dillion Harper. She felt a very erotic chemistry with both girls. As for male performers, it would be newcomer Brandon Marlin.

Scarlet plans on staying in the industry for quite a while. She would like to create a professional, beautiful, and naturally respected image in the adult industry that becomes a legacy. It’s easy for her to stick with it, since she’s very sure she has the best job ever. One in which she gets to say: “I am going to orgasm at work today.” Not all of us get to say that!

While she confesses not to be the best at social media, she tries to show her fans that she cares about their support. She claims to be looking at her phone a lot more often than she used to, and tries to answer all of their questions.


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