Sometimes I feel sorry for you lads. In order to please us girls you have to know where to touch, lick, kiss, stroke, not too hard, not hard enough… there’s the nipples, neck, back and bum! And let’s not forget the clitoris, and ear and please also kiss us, lest we feel neglected! On and on and maybe if you’re lucky, you’re rewarded with our ecstatic orgasm(s).

Phew. Fucking hell. I never appreciated the work you boys put in until I slept with a woman and was at a loss. We’re so damn soft. When there’s a guy in the mix, I know what I have to do. I aim for the penis. It’s always a win. Easy peasy. It has made me lazy. It has also made me feel sorry for you guys. Surely there are other zones of pleasure? Surely I don’t always have to just aim for the penis?

Blow behind the ears

Well that’s what I set out to discover. Granted, it’s not like I slept with the whole male population and came to a consensus, so take what works for you. Perhaps some of you enlightened men out there have already discovered your pleasure points. But if not, experiment, get to know your body better and get a whole lot more out of sex!

Listen to that shriek of fear! The anus can be a source of discomfort to many a man but I’m here to tell you to loosen up a little. It’s not like she’s going to shove a dildo up there (unless you want to). Let her get down on you and give you a gentle rimming. You’ll be surprised at the pleasure you get out of it! Note: Please shave. None of us girls want to be rimming a bloody pube forest.

Neck and Ears
Never thought of this before? The neck can sure be a pleasure zone and not just for women and vampires. Couple that with a little bit of ear flicking along with some really naughty whispered words. Sure to do wonders for your penis.

It’s magical area between your penis and your anus. There are different opinions on this spot. Some men derive a lot of pleasure out of it and some don’t want you touching it too much. Either way, experiment to find your sweet spot.

A little bit of finger sucking can be highly erotic for some men. Probably not if you’re watching the game but imagine a good finger suck if during dinner she’s licking something off your finger, accompanied by a sexy, sultry, knowing stare into your eyes?

Finally, nothing beats a little bit of stimulation in the form of Lingerie. Many men get turned on by watching (hence the popularity of strip clubs). A little bit of a show in some sexy lingerie or even just a pair of sexy heels will go a long way.

What do you think? Any other things turn you on?

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