For all we are permanently connected, twittering away on social media and bombarded with ideas of a brighter and more coherent future together, mankind also finds itself paradoxically creating space and distance within itself.

In essence, as we become more and more ensconced in our own digital confines, we’re losing the human touch; those organic moments and interactions that make us what we are.

The absurdity of modern life, the one where we document everything but retain very little, has been captured perfectly by French artist Jean Jullien. Allow yourselves to look at his works and consider the strangeness of the world around us. The complexity of being together yet apart is an intoxicating one.

Jean Jullien artist_1 Jean Jullien artist_2 Jean Jullien artist_3 Jean Jullien artist_4  Jean Jullien artist_6 Jean Jullien artist_7 Jean Jullien artist_8 Jean Jullien artist_9 Jean Jullien artist_10 Jean Jullien artist_11 Jean Jullien artist_312

The Coward – Statues from Jullien Brothers on Vimeo.

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