Innovative new sex toy company SayberX is partnering with cam industry leader, Cam4VR to bring you hotter (and tech savvy) live shows. ela2_cam4vr_badoink

Cam4 has been making advances in live cam shows since their 2007 launch. Nearly a decade later, they’re still making strides in sex-tech and within the cam industry. This year alone Cam4 brought mobile broadcasting to performers with their C4 app, in addition to launching their all new virtual reality live streaming service, Cam4VR. Adult performer and company content manager Ela Darling debuted the channel this past June.

Now the Netherlands based company is teaming up with SayberX, a startup revolutionizing long distance sex, along with cam shows.

“I’m so excited to see CAM4 continue to be a technological leader in the cam industry by partnering up with SayberX,” says Darling. “I can’t wait to see how I can use SayberX toys with my CAM4VR audience to arouse and entrance a whole room full of viewers. The idea of bringing a group of people to simultaneous orgasm in virtual reality is thrilling.”


SayberX, a glorified male masturbator that syncs up to a motion tracking ring via bluetooth and wifi, will allow cam performers and audience members to connect in a much more intimate way. The SayberX ring fits over any insertable sex toy, and sends feedback to any devices paired to it. Male bodied users can experience the stroking sensation of any paired device, mimicking the simultaneous pacing of intercourse.

Most importantly, SayberX motion tracking rings can be paired up to multiple male masturbators simultaneously, allowing one performer to bring an entire audience to orgasm.

The company’s standard streaming services already include integration with teledildonics such as OhmiBod and Lovense, and SayberX will be available for use in both 2D and 3D shows. According to Cam4, both OhmiBod and Lovense devices “could easily be incorporated [with SayberX] for complete two way pleasure.”

SayberX devices will be provided to both male and female performers in special giveaways and contests through Cam4. Audience members can obtain the devices (which can be bought separately or as a package) by backing Sayberx’s crowdfunding campaign, and coupon codes will become available following the product’s official distribution launch, currently scheduled for early 2017.


In the meantime, you can support SayberX on Indiegogo–many of the backer awards include Cam4 tokens, which can be used in standard and VR cam shows. Cam4 tokens act as a form of currency for tipping performers, many (if not all) of which offer audience members sexy add ons and personalized long distance play in exchange for tips.

“Performers set their own tip goals and their own pricing rates for private and group shows,” explains Derek Devlin, head of Content Marketing at Cam4. “It will therefore be down to each performer how they want to run their shows. We want to empower our performers to have as many monetization options as they like, it’s up to them how to use them.”

This latest advance propels Cam4 and Cam4VR in the same direction as its competitors Virtual Real Porn, YouMeCams, FeelXVideos, and FeelPorn, all of which have also integrated virtual reality and teledildonics into their live cam experiences.

“Fusing CAM4 and SayberX enables our performers to provide an experience that goes beyond visual and auditory stimulation, now cam girls and guys can ‘touch’ too,” says Devlin. “This is the next generation of cyber sex.”


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