While Fleshlights and penis sleeves surely remain industry standard as far as consumer popularity is concerned, the Kiiroo Onyx (and its matching female toy, the Pearl) have shaken things up quite a bit. Whereas previously consumers were expected to manually pleasure themselves using silicone vagina and anus replicas, now male bodied sex toy owners are being given the chance to take a back seat to their own pleasure as a new wave of sex hardware gets in on the driver’s side.


This summer an anticipated competitor to Kiiroo’s Onyx is preparing for launch: SayberX.

Conceived by Andy J. Smith and James D. Proctor back in 2014, SayberX was created to address a need: that of co-founders Smith and Proctor to stay connected with their partners while in long distance relationships.

The sex toy marks the debut of the SayberX product line, which is currently limited to the premier model which comes with an accompanying bluetooth connected ring.


So how does it work?

Most non-manual male masturbators focus on a motorized squeezing mechanism to simulate the tightness one would feel inside of a real vagina. SayberX, however, focuses on another sensation entirely: stroking.

Using a guide rail situated between the device’s fleshy interior and outer shell, SayberX simulates the sensation of a penis moving in and out of a vagina, without the user’s hands having to do any of the work – aside from propping the device up (although that too, is optional).

With great strides come great challenges, and the size of SayberX’s inner hardware is perhaps the most obvious drawback to the product – it’s big and bulky, and covered in thick thermodynamic plastic durable enough to withstand the heat of the device’s motors.  

But its aesthetic is easily overlooked when considering the advance in sex-tech SayberX is making; hands free stroking will take us one step closer to achieving the pleasures of partnered sex without a partner.

Or at least, without a partner in the same room as you.

Possibly SayberX’s most interesting feature is the small and stretchy ring that comes with the product. The device operates similar to a Fitbit, and tracks motion on whatever piece of hardware it’s wrapped around. This small circular band is intended to be placed over any insertable sex toy in order to collect data recording its user’s pace. That information is then transmitted over wifi using a bluetooth connection, and sent to a connected SayberX masturbator via app. The person using the masturbator can then decide to sync up their device’s motions to match those of their long distance partner, whose own motions are connected to the ring.



Who’s going to use thing thing?

In addition to tech savvy couples who are in long distance relationships, SayberX is being pushed to one other major demographic: cam girls.

Already, cam girls are utilizing technology such as the Kiiroo and Onyx to provide an additional layer to the experience they can offer their virtual clients. The creators behind SayberX hope to capitalize on this themselves, by offering cam girls the opportunity to connect with their clients using any sex toy they want, since the ring essentially functions as a motion tracker that is compatible with any insertable device. While clients will have to stick with SayberX’s masturbator, cam girls will have the freedom to pair their ring with any sex toy of their choice.

This is a cost effective way for cam girls to offer more intimacy to multiple clients, as all SayberX devices can be synced up to each other via bluetooth, wifi, and a registered username.


I’m sold. Where do I sign up?

SayberX hasn’t officially launched yet, but you can sign up for product updates as they go live on their website.

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