SexTech Comes To The Masses With Launch Of BaDoink VR and

The future is here and the future is near. Just about as close as you can possibly get in fact.

BaDoink have officially taken two of the biggest steps taken in SexTech to date: the launch of its new virtual reality entertainment site BaDoink VR and Free VR Goggles; giving away 10,000 VR headsets for FREE to US residents.

BaDoink are among the first companies to make a foray into virtual reality porn and will gain a strong foothold on the future of adult entertainment as we know it. BaDoink VR will be shooting new scenes weekly with some of the hottest performers and best producers in the industry to ensure the BaDoink VR audience is immersed in the richest VR experiences possible.

Free VR Goggles are BaDoink’s way of aiding the people to get on board with the virtual reality revolution. They believe that we should all be able to experience the future whenever and however we want to. They’ve ensured that any smartphone up to 5.7 inches in screen size is compatible with the goggles. This includes the iPhone 6+, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and everything in between. Chances are your phone is 100% compatible with Free VR Goggles!

“Until now, the promise of virtual reality has been a little empty. The devices needed to appreciate VR are largely unaffordable,” said Todd Glider, CEO of CM Productions, LLC, the company behind the BaDoink brand. “VR is the future, so we’re doing what we can to bring VR to the masses.”

The hype surrounding BaDoink VR and Free VR Goggles is already trans-continental. The New York Post praised BaDoink for its forward-thinking and mass availability of Free VR Goggles while Spanish daily El Mundo promised that thanks to BaDoink VR, you will never see porn in the same way again.

Stay tuned to for an in-depth and behind-the-scenes look at how virtual reality porn is made and a whole lot more!

SexTech Comes To The Masses With Launch Of BaDoink VR and

SexTech Comes To The Masses With Launch Of BaDoink VR and