What happens when two of the world’s biggest and best in sex-tech get in bed together?  It looks something like this:


BaDoinkVR is syncing up with their awesome friends in Amsterdam, Kiiroo, to make virtual reality sex just as good – if not better than real sex. So, prepare for liftoff – this is going to blow more than just your mind.




The world’s leading sex-tech companies come together to deliver a new level of virtual reality immersion that will revolutionize your sex life


ROCHESTER, NEW YORK and AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS (January 20, 2016) – BaDoinkVR, the world’s premiere destination for adult virtual reality entertainment, and Kiiroo, one of the leading pioneers in teledildonics, today announced that the two powerhouse players in sex and technology have joined forces to deliver an unprecedented virtual reality experience. The partnership will blaze a trail in the VR world by introducing a new level of immersion that consumers will be able to both see and feel. And, for first time ever, BaDoinkVR and Kiiroo will develop content that will improve your sex life through instructional virtual reality videos featuring some of the biggest stars in the porn industry.


“With all the new VR innovations this year, we’ll see the audience grow exponentially in 2016,” said Todd Glider, CEO, CM Productions and BaDoinkVR. “BaDoink has always been a pioneer in the VR space, and our partnership with Kiiroo underscores our continued commitment to driving the evolution of the category, making it the highest-quality immersive and interactive experience possible, and striving ultimately to envelop the consumer in an experience that achieves telepresence.”


The partnership will allow users to interact with 180° and 360° stereoscopic virtual reality porn while using Kiiroo’s leading masturbation aides, Onyx with Fleshlight, to enhance their sensuality and sex-experience. Kiiroo’s Onyx, the world’s most technologically advanced male masturbator, will sync in real-time with VR porn videos provided by BaDoinkVR – meaning that every thrust you see on the screen, you really feel. Even more exciting, the two companies will work closely with experts in the porn industry to develop instructional videos aimed at improving sex technique, utilizing virtual reality and teledildonics technology.


”We are very pleased to start our partnership with BaDoinkVR to continue to improve the experience when people watch porn and take the next step in their virtual reality journey,” said Toon Timmermans, CEO, Kiiroo. “The combination of the Onyx with VR content from BaDoinkVR gives users limitless possibilities to feel and see everything from head to toe.”


For more information about this partnership announcement, please visit https://youtu.be/i1Y7lsv9fOk.


About BaDoink


Founded in 2006, BaDoink initially launched as a premier online adult entertainment site with a robust proprietary technology platform enabling users to consume content on any device as well as wirelessly stream exclusive content from any device to any TV in the house. BaDoink, based in Barcelona, is owned by CM Productions. BaDoink was recently Named “internet company of the year” from the Free Speech coalition and BaDoinkVR the”Adult site of the Year: Virtual Reality” by XBiz. For more information, visit the consumer web site at www.badoink.com, the virtual reality site at www.badoinkvr.com, www.facebook.com/badoinkofficial, www.twitter.com/badoinkofficial, www.instagram.com/badoinkofficial, and www.youtube.com/user/BaDoinkOfficial.



About Kiiroo

KIIROO was started in April 2013 as a teledildonics company focused on connecting people in new ways. KIIROO is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is made up of a small team of new and established talent. The goal of KIIROO is to be the authority on teledildonics and educate the world in online intimacy. For more information visit: www.kiiroo.com, www.instagram.com/kiirooamsterdam, www.twitter.com/Kiiroo, www.facebook.com/kiirooamsterdam, www.youtube.com/user/KiirooUnited


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