Sugar: The Most Addictive Poison

Sugar: The Most Addictive Poison

In 1900 the average yearly consumption of sugar was 5lbs per person, a figure which sky-rocketed to 150lbs by 2000. In the last decade, consumption has increased a further 23%. Where sugar was once used sparingly, sugar has found its way into almost every processed […]

The Slowest Form of Poison

The Slowest Form of Poison

No substance that goes into our bodies does so without causing an effect, and in recognizing this fact we can begin to examine everything we put into our bodies as either medicine, or a slow form of poison. There’s no trick to it: eat some […]

Misleading Food Labeling Traps

5 Misleading Food Labeling Traps

Trying to keep above the array of contradictory health claims we are bombarded with daily is hard enough as it is. The lack of comprehensive information available to customers renders us increasingly helpless when faced with the decision of what to buy, and what to […]

The Circumcision Argument

The Circumcision Argument

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of celebrities come out against circumcision. Most recently, Alan Cumming has raged against the snip. He compares it to “genital mutilation.” Being circumcised myself, I would hardly compare it to that. It’s glaringly inaccurate to make that comparison. Genital […]

meditation advice

5 Ways Meditation Benefits the Busy

This post was originally intended for entrepreneurs but then it occurred to me that entrepreneurs aren’t the only busy people around. In fact, we all suffer from the ‘busy-itis’. In her talk The Power of Vulnerability, Dr Brené Brown said that her research led her to […]

Too Much Choice

The Anxiety of Too Much Choice

Not too long ago, we hadn’t much choice as to the way we lived. Money wasn’t so easy to come by and society had some rigid views about how we should live. Men entered the workforce to provide for their families, women stayed at home […]

So What The Hell Is Good To Eat Any More?

Eat, drink and be merry, says the proverb. With all the conflicting and confusing dietary advice, you couldn’t blame anyone for taking the hedonistic route and hurtling headlong into heart attack central. One day we’re told to eat truckloads of vegetables, the next the dietary […]

Tips For Surviving Flu Season

Tips For Surviving Flu Season

Flu season is upon us. One in three people I know seem to be in the midst of or finally overcoming a really nasty bout of crud. It seems like this particular virus is hitting people pretty hard and refusing to let up. Then, just […]

Intermittent fasting

The Case for Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting (IF) has suddenly become all the rage. In fact, friends of mine who before scoffed at the idea are now fasting because of all the benefits that fasting provides – from weight loss to longevity and overall health. But IF isn’t exactly a […]

healthy resolutions

Health Institute Accused Of Nannying

Groundbreaking guidance issued by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) suggests people cut down on alcohol and sweets, quit smoking, and exercise more. In addition to this revelation, NICE also pointed out that friends of people trying to lead a healthier life […]

jet lag

You Just Have to Lose the Jet Lag

If you’re off on a vacation this holiday season, or returning from across the seas for the annual Christmas visit, you’ll most likely come up against that old familiar foe- jet lag. Something between a hangover and a walking zombie state, jet lag can leave […]

fish to avoid

10 Types of Fish You Should Avoid

Fish, baby! Brain food? The experts out there say you have to consume plenty of Omega One.  Yet our oceans have become so depleted of wild fish stocks, and so polluted through industrial contaminants, trying to figure out which fish is which can be confusing. […]

how to finally get started

How To (Finally) Get Started

It’s a looming weight faced by writers and just about anyone else. Whether it’s starting an article or project, a diet or exercise routine, or simply initiating contact with someone or something you’ve been putting off, getting started is hard. It sometimes begins with “I […]

8 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

8 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism; your younger brother seems to have mastered it and is able to wash an entire pizza down with a tub of ice cream without gaining a pound, while you dip and diet, unable to keep things stable. Genetic makeup has a lot to do […]


Five Reasons to Eat with the Seasons

It was not too long ago in our evolutionary history that man either killed or plucked from the earth with his own hands, whatever was for dinner that evening. Skip forward a few Darwinian heartbeats, however, and the majority of us now utilize one-stop mega […]

eat healthy

7 Foods to Keep You Going In Winter

The holiday season is upon us, but before the celebrations begin there´s a hurdle to skip over, the first common cold of the winter. The person next to you might be sniffing and coughing heavily, but before you submit to the inevitability of the same […]