BaDoink Video Round-Up Christmas Special

BaDoink Video Round-Up Christmas Special

Just so we cover all the bases here, let’s say Merry Christmas to all the Christians out there; Happy Holidays to all the other faith-based denominations; and Cool Random Day Off to all you lucky atheists shoveling turkey and booze down your throats. Whatever your […]

Amazing GoPro Videos

6 Amazing GoPro Videos #Mind-Blowing!

When GoPro cameras first launched I couldn’t figure out what to use them for – but that’s only because of my lack of imagination – these cameras have become ubiquitous in the world of extreme sports. They have allowed us to live vicariously through what […]


10 Death-Defying Videos on YouTube

Above:  A girl is performing a show with a live crocodile on December 5, 2010, in Sriracha Zoo, Chonburi, Thailand. Image by Alexander Gitlits / People are goddam crazy. Yeah, they might be pretty damn cool, too, sometimes… but mainly they be pretty goddam crazy! […]


Top 10 Videos to Start The Week

Mondays suck, right? The whole working week stretching interminably ahead of you? Best to put it off for a while then, and watch this lot… This video has been all over my Newsfeed on Facebook. I love how it subverts the normal “men gawking at […]


Top 10 Videos To Watch This Week

Here’s Jimmy Yitzak with his roundup of the best videos to watch out there in Internet land this week. Grab yourselves a coffee and strap yourselves in… All this bruhaha over a commercial to show just how diverse America is nowadays. Eeesh. They did miss […]

Jimmy Yitzak's YouTube Rundown

Jimmy Yitzak’s YouTube Rundown

Jimmy Yitzak’s been trawling YouTube again. Every week he looks more and more pale as daylight becomes more of a foreign substance to him… Anyway, enjoy the fruits of his labour… I’m not really sure what to make of this. Vin Diesel singing and dancing […]

Jimmy Yitzak's YouTube Menagerie

Jimmy Yitzak’s YouTube Menagerie

Hungry for videos? Then feast your eyeballs around this little lot, courtesy of your ol’ pal, Jimmy… Choo Choo! This is the express train to crazy town. Your conductor today will be Rep Ellmers from North Carolina. Please stay in your seats as this ride […]

viral vids

Jimmy Yitzak’s YouTube Roundup

Here’s another bunch of videos. Lap ’em up folks! With two new versions of the Iphone debuting last year, the folks over at EverythingApplePro decided to see how the new phones compare to the older models all the way back to the first Iphone ever […]

internet roundup

Jimmy Yitzak’s Internet Roundup

Who doesn’t hate loud talkers on their cell phone? They suck and you don’t want to hear their conversations because they’re usually inane and boring. Well, Greg Benson has found a cure-all and it’s hilarious. Just sit next to them and chat on your cell […]

viral videos

Jimmy Yitzak’s Video Pot Pourri

Welcome to 2014 folks. Let’s get things started with another round-up of what’s been going down on YouTube of late… Sometimes you just need some good ole New Jersey asswhooping. I mean have you ever seen an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey? […]